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BackupTrans is a collection of backup packages for recovering data from Android, IOS, MAC, and Microsoft Windows. When it comes to information, file sharing, and communication concerns, did you realize there is no shortcut in the process of conserving, maintaining, and mending lost data from a long-term device? A sensible system attitude works with each and every Android as an additional personal utility as a backup.
BackupTrans referred to as a communicating utility program. There will be data that is quite valuable that it understands and recognizes. You’re able to regain as a copy of the information, both the videos, Telephone Contacts, Contacts, Viber, Audio, Video, Photos, Images, SMS, etc., documents afterward partitioning, all files will soon likely probably be communicating able.
This program’s concept works in conjunction with each Android smartphone serving as a backup function. That is a message and MMS, SMS moving tool. The goal of this program is to keep information retrieval, loss, and maintenance as simple as possible.
Features of BackupTrans

  •  The application can move WhatsApp data from an Android device to an iPhone in a single process.
  •  You may also examine the chats on WhatsApp and pick the ones you want to transfer.
  • When transmitting data to send or receive time, there is no room for error or loss. As a result, the most popular software is beneficial to practically all types of users worldwide.
  •  All methods of data transmission are quite trustworthy for your information.
  • Users may also export only conversations (no attachments) in common textual forms such as DOC or TXT.
  •  Functions independently to repair and aids a great deal as both a backup of data and maintains everything the same.
    CONS of Software
  •  The general design is a little busy, making it difficult to explore.
  •  Frequently, consumers have compatibility difficulties, and the transmitted data doesn’t really appear on their iPhone.
  •  The software hasn’t been upgraded in a while, and users are concerned about its safety.
  •  There is no free trial version available; consumers must purchase it before.

System Requirements

  •  Windows XP, 2000, 2003, 7 to 10.
  •  RAM should be minimum 4 GB to 8 GB maximum.
  •  IOS 10.12, 11.0 and higher versions suggested.
  •  4 MB memory space required.


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